Welcome to my pixelart and doll site, Silverpixel!

I'm known as OKami and at the beginning of 2006, I got interested in dollmaking. After I tried some pixelart and did a few dolls as well, I decided to set up this site to show off what I created. I hope you'll be enjoying your stay. ^_^

My creations are up for adoption but be certain to read the rules first.

If you would like to tell me anything, you can use the guestbook and e-mail me. My address is ladyokami@yahoo.com


The due credit: Some palettes I use (and aren't mines) come from either Over the Moon, or Sparkling Ice. Check them out!

UPDATE 2012-01-22
I really need to put up stuff more often but you know the deal - so much to do, so little time. Regardless, my host is poking me so I threw in a bit of new content. Some dolls, awards, what-have-you. I'll try to come up with more useful things this year, like the second batch of Drea (not that anybody uses it... I'd be happy to see dolls done on my bases PLEASE?)

UPDATE 2011-05-20
I really needed to change the layout, so here it goes. ^^ Content updates will happen gradually during the following week.

UPDATE 2010-04-27
Mmmyeah. I've changed layouts, yes... And just today, host as well. The old one went pay-only, and frankly, I'm not going to get a paid domain until I get a webdesigner job. Which will probably never happen.

Anyway, some updates were done with the last layout switch, you probably already know about that, However, this time I'm proud to announce my first CONTEST! Click the menu link for more info.

UPDATE 2009-05-27
Alright, I've been neglecting updates, though I certainly didn't stop dolling. So, updates galore. Dolls, bases, pixelstuff. I'll have to get around the new layout, too. SOON. Soon.

UPDATE 2008-11-10
What the HELL has happened to my links site?? O_o All the banners in .gif format just vanished along with the links. I'm confuddled.

Technical difficulties aside: due to my inhuman working hours and NaNoWriMo, I'm not pixeling much these days, but here's an update anyway. Some 8-9 dolls, a new base set, a portrait base, another wing prop. Have fun with 'em.

UPDATE 2008-08-29
Several other dolls are up, more pixelart, two base sets and two more props. Also, the character list *points above* was extended; only a few are missing. Don't you guys want to earn some cash...?

UPDATE 2008-07-01
Some dolls in the Others' characters and the Gift/Bought section. I'll add more soon, and I'm also working on a male base set. Plus, there's a character list *points above*, check it if you want something nice.

UPDATE 2008-05-29
Lemmesee. Getting lazy with the dollz, though I made a few, but no updates on that section; instead, the pixelart page is up along with the toybox. I have a few more links, too. Two new portrait bases at the bottom. ^^

UPDATE 2008-04-15
Spring is here, everything is in this headless rush to renew, so I had to keep up as well. ^^ New layout - I think it looks mighty fine - and tons of new dolls. New bases, revamped bases and- GASP!- props. Enjoy. ^^ Also, CHANGE IN RULES. From now on, you can use any of my bases to earn virtual money. >> The restriction was kinda stupid...

UPDATE 2007-11-15
... I have no excuses about the layout. Yes, those cuties were not made by me, but... I honestly couldn't come up with anything else. The only theme in my head was water-based again. Anyway, about a dozen of new dolls are up and a few more links, Lunaii's as well, among others. Check that site.

UPDATE 2007-04-30
Alright, I'm a little late, but here are eight new dolls. Also, I finally made it easier to check the news - I placed the new dollz on top of the list. Four new links are up as well, and four banners to Silverpixel - it was about time.

UPDATE 2007-04-09
Five new dolls, two new bases. Next update is scheduled in a week. ^_~

UPDATE 2007-02-08
Seven new dolls and two new bases. You can find me now over Eden Enchanted, as OKami_hu. I was also thinking about a contest, but... I don't think anybody would be interested.

UPDATE: 2007-01-04
Eight new links and link corrections. Corrected broken pixelart links. Does anybody come to this site at all??

UPDATE: 2006-12-28
Minor changes on the rules. Added forgotten Guestbook link. ^^; Six new dolls. Two new pixelarts.

Told you there's going to be an update. New layout, two new bases. Three new pixelarts.

Alright, alright. I was away from dolling for quite a bit. But once I claim to like something, I hardly give up on them entirely. Three new dolls are up, and I'll have a few new bases soon, along with a new layout.

Thanks to the re-claimed FF7 addiction, dolling was cut back a bit... But not entirely. ^_^ Three new dolls are up. (And man, I so seriously wanna do a Loz doll... *__* )

Three new dolls, a few random pixels and my first base set (gulp) with 12 bases. Four new links were added as well.

UPDATE: 2006-02-26
Eight new dolls. I separated them even further, now the "my dolls" section has five categories.

Site was opened on the 3rd February, 2006.