Here are the characters, which weren't invented by the _real_ professionals - the characters of my friends or business partners. No adopting unless otherwise stated.

Tals' character.

Base by Tir Na'n Og

A TekTek doll's pixel rendition I did for Ayana; she's still unable to credit me for it. ^^


A unicorn boy.

Base by Cherry Lime Soda (gone) Artist credit: Lunajile Studios

A random bride for MeganClare. Who said brides can only wear white...?

Base by Amarylis

Deaddoll's cybergoth bishie.

Base by Appledore

Minuial, Mistogil and Morgil, the crazy Mirkwood elf siblings. Minu belongs to A.Chris, Misto's mine and Mor is Shiona's. Before CC fell into oblivion, the monthly contest was dolling our families - diferently. I simply decided to doll a different family of mine.

Base by Zipple

Giselle for Gigi.

Base is an old EDEN exclusive

Jaden420^_^'s char SinD; lolita version.
Base by La Leche (site closed)

Jaden420^_^'s char SinD; punked up.

Base is an old EDEN exclusive

Krysna's vampire-angel-whatnot character; corrupted version

Base is a Corrupted Carousel exclusive

Krysna's vampire-angel-whatnot character; glammed-up version

Base is a GLAM exclusive

Somebody requested a purple-clad witch with black hair. Any style. I tried to go into the pagan direction... I think she looks cute, and the requester liked it, too.

Base is an old EDEN exclusive

A request of Anubis; some kinda crossdresser boy.

Base by HOLLAY

Jitsumi's alchemist char.

Base by Tir Na'n Og

I... Don't even remember who I made this for. Anyway, two site-mascot lolitas. I think they kinda look like Sailor Vanilla and  Sailor Chocolate. XD


Emi's char; his name is Kent. Actually, if I remember correctly, the ref image was some dollmaker chibi, and she asked us to age them up a little. Kent is the geek of the team.


Another Eden doll; Danielle's faery char, a librarian. The dress wasn't easy, but the result is pure love.

Base by Penny Angel

A request of Jadenkill - she wanted us to make dolls depicting the races from her book. I did the Elves, the Vampires and the Gilhands. Jaden was rather pleased by the result.

base by WAYUKI

A solar Knight Kenly requested in my Eden shop. She was not sure either exactly how the char looked, and later she said the char's owner claimed I did quite a fab job on this doll. =3

Base is my Derek, which was done specially for this doll.

xoxsnoof's char, I think from some RP. Jeebus, such a sloppy job. >_>

Base by HOLLAY

The filename says it was for Krissy; her corrupted self, for CC, of course.

Base is a Corrupted Carousel exclusive

A request for Amy. I got a trade doll for it. ^^

Base is a Dollie Diner exclusive

Shini's auction win still from the Eden times.


A vampire addict guy for anubis.

Base by RINYU

This one was for Blue. The char's from some fantasy-futuristic setting, if I remember correctly. First time western boots, and they look damn fine. >3 Char descript said, she would wear skirts, but they aren't practical, so I added the little 'apron' to make it up for her. ^^ 

Base by MONDAY on Eden

A doll for __Lucy__. She gave me so little to work with, it was amazing; but she loved it. *shrug*

Base is an Eden exclusive

I did this for Danielle. No idea if this is supposed to be her or somebody else... I just followed the instructions.

Base by OSHIBORI on DA

Renegade's dark elf.

Base by MoonlightSpectre

This is actually ages old... The first pixel request I've ever did, for EmmyWemmy.

Base by DHF

Hoshikaze's HP chara.

Base by ME

Meroneyu's Alice Valatai. I had fun with this one.


Bonnie's chara, M. She wanted fashionable, I actually looked up what nowadays' fashion looks like. The hair came out neat; and I wouldn't mind that shirt.


Darkphoenix's character. I totally failed at her regular clothes, so I put her into a ballgown.


A fun shop order for Liss. ^^ I totally knew I wanted to use this base once she posted refs of her char.


For Soulless. I know nothing of him...


I did this for Kenly, on Eden. The lady's a vampire. Who would've thought...?


This was a request on Eden; from FluffyFox. The hair was a pain in the backside... ^^

Base by CHAMA

She's called Avidé Vipére... Or, for those who knew her real identity, Viperstrike. She was a character in the Energon Bar, a Transformers roleplay on Chatzy. To the human world, she was a businesswoman, a very successful one at that. Otherwise, she acted as a mercenary, not really a Decepticon, though not Autobot, either. And she was the girlfriend of my char Arclight. ^^


Meet a Transformer, again. He is Fractal, another one of the Energon Bar characters. He was a holosculptor, or better said, that was his original function before the war. He's a deserted Decepticon - after he came to Earth, he left them and joined the Autobots. After that, he worked under Jazz's command, in the Spec ops.


She's Minuial, sister to my char Mistogil and character of A. Chris. Her name means "dawn" as she was born at a sunrise.
Minu lived with the siblings' mother in Lothlorien but she hated the place. Eventually, she managed to leave and move in to his brothers. Since then, they lead an interesting life; sometimes a little hectic but nonetheless fun.
Minu's folloving mom's footsteps as she's studying to be a healer.

Base by: WAYUKI

He's a character from a one-shot story written by Kudara. His name is Ivy, as he's most probably the dryad of the ivy, which the hero of the story cared for with much affection. Ivy fell in love with the guy and they spent a nigh  together, during which, the whole neighborhood got covered with ivy. Unfortunately, in the morning the plant was removed from the soil and Ivy disappeared; but the last paragraph of the story says the hero founds a little sapling and rescues it from the gardners. ^_^


Base by: SHOURI

My precious gamer, Samantha's char, Mistress Soliel (no, that's not a typo). She grew into one of the key figures in an AU KH fic we do together, where Demyx is an unfortunate young (and virgin) vampire hunter, and Saix is the regal, badass vampire Master. Soliel is the keeper of his harem, sort of a surrogate mother to Demyx.

The hair could be better and the dress' skirt part is a bit weird... The color/pattern makes it look as if it'd be toolshaded - but it's not! oo  The jewelry makes me happy, though.