Here are the dolls I made solely using my own imagination ^_^ They are all my characters, so please, do NOT use them in any other way than adopting the doll. Seriously, you have a better imagination, you don't have to steal the concept, right?

Please read the rules before adopting.

Another Alyssa. XD This was just a base edit I did on the latest GLAM exclusive, thought there was an edit contest so I entered it.

Base is a GLAM exclusive

First round's challenge was showing our characters at some kinda convention ('Lyssa went to ECP 2011, which was a real psychology congress held in Istanbul). The second required us to show our characters naked. And for the third, we had to doll the char in a ball attire inspired by the animal s/he most relates to. Alyssa's a bottlenose dolphin fan. ^^

Bases by Me. The portrait is an old Eden base.

Three Tron OCs of mine. The ghey guy is Shor, an interior design program. The lady in Red is Mab, my Grid!Self; she's the secretary of Jarvis. And the last one is E-CO, my Mary-Sue. XD She's the offspring of an ISO and a Basic, Clu kidnapped and raised her, making her believe that he's her father and now she acts as a spy for him.

Base by Puppetka

My entries for the Steampunk Pageant. This is René Lasset, my doctor. ^^ He is the son of the French Ambassador on Hawaii; he grew up there and managed to acquire a friend for life (currently not displayed).

First round's theme was 'protective gear'; I just did a coat and a mask. Second round required us to show our characters getting clean; I think I did a good job on that. XD And the third round was about gaudy, over-the-top evening attires. Suddenly sequins. THOUSANDS of them.

Portrair from Random Doodles (site closed), fullbody bases by Pixel Meadows


Cordelia Mirabelle Cartwright, the steampunk nurse, currently in lingerie... It was an entry for a steampunk contest, but I didn't feel like continuing to compete. 

Base by: Doll Palace

And this is me. I actually have that outfit and with a little effort, I can get my hair looking like this. And yeah, I'm that pale. And that slender. This was my entry for the Glam collab 'Welcome to Glam'.

Base by: DEAC

My GLAM av; who else could it have been than Alyssa. I went as far as to edit the base a little.

Base is a GLAM exclusive

Who's my fave character...? Yeeees, you guessed right. This was a good opportunity to doll Alyssa again, for Mariiii's 'Colors of the Year' contest. This was the entry for February, the color we had to use being 'ice blue'.

Base by: Wish04

One random Alyssa. Just liked the base, had some free time, and she's always fun to doll. ^^


That's me, sorta; On CC, there was a mini contest with the theme of Cyberspace. How would you look like innit, what would you do, that sorta stuff. Well, I'd go around with a huge gun, and I'd shoot every motherfragger who's incapable of using his/her mother tongue right, produces Mary Sues and writes badfic. Spellchecker, motherfragger, do you use it?


He's my lovely character, Memory. Admittedly, I've listened the 'Best of Cats' collection one too many times when I made him. Especially, because the poor thing has total amnesia...

He has the white hair and the mauve eyes because he's fae-blooded; and humans of the world he lives in don't really like the fae. So he was usually wearing a wide-brimmed dark hat to cover his unusual features.

Despite his profession, Memory is quite a lovely, nice guy, and refers to himself as a 'freelance mercenary' ever since ha had to leave his hometown. He was traveling with a sword-wielding noble wizard, a slightly insane but useful one, and an angelic beauty of a minstrel boy, with who, Memory fell in love at the first sight.

Base by: JETHYN

Abelarde W'rath, my Corrupted Carousel magician and alchemist. Truth to be told, I hated, and still hate the general concept of that place - maturity is not defined by rotting flesh and sexual immorality. Even more not, because the place has hordes of underage members.

That said; I was frankly tired of the zombies, vampires and corsette-clad dominas, so, as always, I opted for the different: a perfectly normal-looking, living human guy, who's playing Jack the Ripper once he actually leaves his labs. Corrupted? Yes.

The basic idea came from that time when I was into FMA; I made up a char named Abel Fury, the eeebil twin brother of Cain. Guy was an alchemist, specializing in poison, especially poisonous plants. Abe is a Victorian version of him, and probably more refined. And I think I forgot to add the glasses.

Base by ME

However, the glasses are there on this one. Abelarde again; a small, quick thing I whipped up to put into my sig on CC, to represent my doll shop.


Alyssa Blake, a little differently. On Glam, they had a contest, where we had to take a char, new or old, and make it a movie star. The three dolls depict her in casual wear, formal attire and movie role costume. Let me copy the application.

Entry's Name: Alyssa Blake
Base Credit: Pinkland
Brief Movie Description: In "Alien Shores", Alyssa plays the daughter and assistant of the eccentric scientist, Tyler Jacobs, who, with his small but dedicated team, studies the phenomena of the Bermuda Triangle. When they discover a portal, they step into a whole new world: a small, separate dimension where strange forces work and dinosaurs roam... The team, save for Shana (Alyssa) is almost immediately kidnapped, and the girl, while trying to both track them and evade the vicious reptilian soldiers, meets up Skreet, who proves to be a Prince, one of the Five guarding this world's balance. Teaming up with him and the other Princes, Shana sets out on rescuing her father and friends, and free the First Prince, who was imprisoned by the evil overlord seeking the key to this dimension's power core. The movie's spin-off TV series will begin airing this September.

Needless to say, I pictured the Dinoboys as the five Princes, and several of the autohumans as the cast. ^^

My darling Alyssa; now in garbs depicting her heritage. Her grandma' is from India. This fitted well to the Zen Garden's theme and I wanted an avi there, anyway, so I dolled Alyssa. ^^ I still love her hair.

Base is a ZEN GARDEN excusive

I'm NOT obsessed. It's just an unhealthy fixation. What can I do, Alyssa is probably the second character I love so much that I just keep doing artwork of her... This was actually a reference image, for her hair; I wanted to show how it looked like exactly. Well, since then, it changed a little bit, but just a little. ^^

Currently, she's apparently out for a tropical cocktail party. I SO need to do a matching Swoop for her...

Base by: JILLIANNE on DevArt

Once again, Alyssa. With her many bangles. ^^ She loves bracelets and bangles and wears an insane amount of them. Hmm, not much to say to this - I'm satisfied with the background, her hair looks neat, and I almost got the skintone right. Provide me with a 'tanned peach' skin pallette, and I'll love you forever.

Base by TURBOSILVER on Eden Enchanted

Alyssa is water based; she always was. Actually, the song has little to do with her current personality/role; but before, I planned to use her in another setting, where she was a medic, working for the government. That version of Alyssa had this song as a theme.


WHAT the heck did I do to the skintone...? Oo Jeebus. Anyway, she's my Magical Girl, Hitorino Ryoko. She and her friends/classmates were guardians of a paralell fanatasy world. I dubbed them 'Esper Tamers', because they all had magical spirits, Espers sealed inside them. We were running around in armor bikinis when we transformed. XD It was a fun game while it lasted.

Ryoko was a fire elemental, and had Ifrit as her Esper. I based her off of my all-time-fave anime hero, Sanada Ryou from Ronin Warriors.


Let me copy her bio from the contest application... (Before you ask, I won nothing.)

Talutah would be the first to admit, that she's the lowest of the low, and even lower - after all, it only means that she's free. Free to roam, free to love, free to do anything until it doesn't go against her conscience or Nature's ancient laws. She's a wild card, a summer storm, the wildfire sweeping through the land; daughter of the forest, and pride of her parents, fearless Ferstian (wild centaur) centaurs both.

She's in the prime of her youth, cunning and strong, knowing the forest like the back of her hand. She hates the Queen and the high-an-mighty nobles, and often joins small parties, which fight against them. She has been well taught how to handle the weapons, she's ruthless in battle - but the same time, she can be very gentle and kind with those who earn her trust.

She is simple and honest, always speaking her mind. Her sense of justice is strong, and she never forgets a debt.

Base by LA LECHE (site down)

Err. Not exactly a character, per se... That's supposed to be me.

Base is an EDEN exclusive

Yepp, my alter-egos from the Anime Planet Project, Lord Kagetora and Lady OKami. Man, I'm pretty. XD I'm the member of the Council there, the Minister of Yaoi Affairs.

We came up with the idea, when we were enthusiastic young fangirls. The Anime Planet is a place, where all the more or less hardcore otakus live in peace, not bothered by their natural enemies like security guards, old ladies and censors. It was a beautiful and prosperous place, but it got betrayed, and the fans were forced to leave their beautiful cities and hide; and Archmagistress Scarlet sent a few of us back to Earth to find those, who had fallen in battle and lead them back.

Base by JETHYN *male* and  SILINDOR *female*

This handsome gentleman is my pretty much only Kingdom Hearts original character, Flamenco. He's a creation of Vexen, who filched one of Demyx's Dancer nobodies, and infused it with a fake heart, much like the one Replica Riku had. However, though it gave Flamenco a decent, human look, it didn't supply him with many emotions, and those are rather dull, too. Nonetheless, he's a good servant - and he has the capability to develop.


Yayy. ^^ She's my sweetheart Transformers OC, Aquablast - or better said, her human/holoform. She's a water mech by nature, she even transforms into a submarine-type vehicle. She's a medic, and she loves her job; she's sweet and kind, and doesn't look at the insignia when somebody needs to get treated. Granted, she doesn't even have to, as she's a Neutral.

By some rather unfortunate circumstances, Aquablast ended up in Decepticon service - though, she's not perfectly fond of the situation, even though the Cons don't harrass her; some even like her.


Originally, she was a crossover char; an X-men mutant, whose father was a char from the anime Ronin Warriors. ... Actually, she's still that. Her name is Dionne Rickard, aka Webmistress - gotta keep up with the world, peeps. XD Her powers are illusions, and she can enter a sleeper's mind, and 'weave' its dreams - twist them into nightmares, clear them for a relaxing rest, whatever.

Websy's about 18 years old, and she's rather small. She has a very upbeat personality, though she can be a little bitchy at times. She loves fashion and vivid colors, and she actually thinks Professor X is kinda hot.


Again, this is my Anime Planet alter ego, Lady OKami, the Minister of Yaoi Affairs. At the moment, sort of chibified.


A pretty and practical doll, this is my Discworld character's first graphical appearance; and also a contest entry. The theme of the latter was 'chocolate', and Maladya was supposed to represent chocolate coffee. ^^ That's a Starbucks glass in her hand.

Maladya is a reformed vampire, meaning, she doesn't drink blood. She transfers her addiction to sugar instead. If you've read 'Mostrous Regiment', you'll understand this: she's actually the sib of Maladict, with the same twist. XD
Maladya is a dancer, and due to the fact, that sunlight burns her to crisp, she favors nightclubs.

I really like how she turned out... The scarf on her waist really looks like chocolate!

Base by WAYUKI

She's Sabine DeForrest, one of my X-men characters. She was intended to be a Mary-Sue but the story just got loose and developed a damn good plot... XD Anyway, she's able to control and calm down animals. Sabine's alias is Ranger as she spends most of her time in the woods, practicing and teaching mountain climbing. She's damn tough but actually kind of feminine if she puts a little effort in it, and her mate is Sabretooth. Yes, the big, furry guy. Strange as it may seem, the relationship works.

Base by WAYUKI

Yayy! She's one of my Lord of the Rings characters: a hobbit girl named Amarantha Berrybrew. Nothing too fancy, just your average hobbit lass here. ^__^ I like the beer mug in her hand and how her shirt came out. On the other hand, I screwed up the skirt. (*must practice*)


And he's the second of my LoTR chars, Mistogil. His name means "stray star" - that's because every member of his family has blue eyes but his is green. He lives in Mirkwood with his brother Morgil and his little sis Minuial. Misto's a dancer and he earned the nickname "Half of Mirkwood's lover" because of his numerous affairs. He's a very pretty elf, a talented dancer and a capable jeweler, too.


She's Kalla, my Atlantean character. She's in friendly terms with Namor but it's really friendship, nothing else. I guess she'll be a regular random female character in the fics taking place in Atlantis as I haven't inserted her into any RPG or longer story this far.

base by: WAYUKI

He's the honorable gentleman, Sir Joyce Uffington. XD I invented him for a random RP I had with a friend. She had a demon character, so I made Joyce a novice wizard. He's kind of stereotypical, lives in a big mansion, parents deceased, wealthy, spoiled, not too skilled. Well, he's kind of good with the sword, a hobby he has since his younger days. Joyce is from the Victorian era and his personality shows some similarities with Byron's - 'woe-is-me-life-is-so-boring'. However, he's truly a gentleman and even if he has his harsh moments, he can be pretty polite and just.

Base by: PINK MOON

Her name is Clarissa Belladonna Malfoy and she's obviously a Harry Potter character. Her dad is Victorius Malfoy, Lucius Malfoy's younger brother, who downright refused to obey Voldemort and fled into America. He married Cerridwen O'Mallow, an irish student he met on the muggle university he attended.

It turned out that Cerridwen is a fae, a sidhe changeling. Thus, Clarissa and her younger sis Carmelina are Silverbloods.

They both got sorted into Slytheryn when they moved back to England and they caused quite a surprise to poor Draco. But eventually, they teamed up and with two other guys, Kevin Tamer and Tim Burns, they founded the secret group named the Serpent Eyes.

Base by: LA LECHE DOLLS *which is down*

She's my another Middle-Eart character; an Imladris elf girl named Carangil. Her name means Red Star and she got it from her daddy, who's an astologist.
Carangil is a poet and singer, Lord Elrond likes her voice. She's wearing traditional Imladris clothes - I had much fun transferring the desing from an older drawing into pixels.

Actually, Carangil is/will be the bride of Mistogil. She got the earrings and the bracelet from him. ^_^

Base by: DOLLKAT

That would be my Danny Phantom OC, Parade. ^^ She's an old ghost actually, even if she doesn't look up to her age... She was Clockwork's apprentice, and now, she's traveling around the Ghost Zone, searching for all kind of artifacts and documenting them.

Her powers doesn't really go beyond standard ghost abilities, except her excellent memory, and the power to be able to absorb information about an item she touches.

She's nice and friendly and doesn't meddle, unlike her former tutor. She has her own weaknesses connected to her powers, and she's prone to fly into a rage when somebody stands between her and the item she desires to study. Parade's relationship with Clockwork is still that of a student-teacher one, albeit Parade has a crush on the Master of All Time - But Clockwork is not the most romantic type ever. He cares for Parade, though.