These dolls are all fanarts. Remember: read the rules...
I've never played any game aside Final Fantasy 7, but I know the others well. She's Mikoto, from FF9, a genome girl. A little detatched but cute nonetheless.

Base by Ephébe

Whee! ^^ This is no other but Jet Link, from Shotaro Ishinomori's story Cyborg 009. It dates back to the 70's. Jet's said to have Italian ancestry, and he lived in Bronx as a gang leader until the badguy, Black Ghost's agents kidnapped him to wework him as a Cyborg.

Jet has miniature fusion reactors in his legs, which make him able to fly at Mach 5 up to the stratosphere. He also has a prototype accelerator, which enebles him to move very fast.

He's a tough one with a temper; daring and brave, he's always there for his comrades. When he was kidnapped, he was 18; needless to say, he acts a lot more mature. Well, most of the time. XD


Transformers ahoy. XD She's Carly, from the original Transformers G1 series; girlfriend (later wife) of Spike Witwicky, MIT graduate and one kickass lady. Done for a dear friend and co-author of mine, NK. No touchie, please.


Transformers: Animated ahoy. XD She's Sari Sumdac, daughter(?) of Isaac Sumdac, who finds the kinda dead Megatron crashed on Earth, and reverse engineers advanced technology from him. Sari is the friend of the Autobots, and wields the AllSpark Key, which is charged with the power of the legendary AllSpark.

Base by ME

Done for a contest, which went done with Eden. He's Stork, helmsman of the airship Condor, from the cartoon series 'Storm Hawks'. He's a Sky Knight, like the rest of the team, and a brilliant engineer and professional pilot despite his relatively young age. He's insanely paranoid and a born hipochonder, but a good friend and a reliable comrade. Oh, and he's a Merb. Bios say, a very typical one.


A sweet couple for Kiera. ^^ Queen Frostine and Lord Licorice from the board game 'Candy Land'. I really put an effort into this doll, and it paid off. So much dithering... x_x But I learned a few things from the process. And btw, Licorice is effin' hawt.


This elegant lady is Baroness Valerie von Viethoff from the German TV series "Sophie ~ Braut Wieder Wille" (Sophie - the Unwanted Engagement (?)). She starts out seemingly as a villain, but soon, she joins Sophie's side to save her and her father's wealth from the evil Baron.

She was portrayed by Melanie Bocksdorf. I'm insanely proud of how the patterns came out... It took me some thinking to get it right. For comparison, here's a photo of the original. [ Picture ]


A Christmas present for a friend: Mittermeyer and Reuenthal from Legend of Galactic Heroes. Mufurc adores these two. ^^


It's an old doll actually, but heck; he still looks cool! This is Prince Namor, almighty ruler of Atlantis in the Marvel Universe.

Not much to say to this... Though, I adore the little wings on his ankles. <3 And the scowl. And his eyebrows are exatly this pointly by canon. XD

Base by 2PIXEL

Aren't they just sweet? ^^ Erik, the Phantom of the Opera and his beloved soprano, Christine Daae. Erik's mask is based on the ALW-version, but Christine's looks come straight from the book.


Hee. ^__^ Another obsession: Danny Phantom! I got to like this show in seconds and managed to get a friend hooked on it, too - it's better to squeal in two. Anyway, that's Danny, probably ready to blast his arch enemy's ass, and the tall, dark and mysterious antagonist himself: Vlad Masters aka Plasmius.

The design differs a bit from the original, but it's still pretty close. Love for Danny's sneakers. XD


*ish proud* Finished! This is my interpretation of the characters of OVO - a dance performance written for the millennium. The songs were done by Peter Gabriel, and if you'd like to know a bit more, look at the STORY OF OVO. The chars: Sofia and the unnamed sky boy, and that's OVO in Sofia's arms. I'm totally pleased with Sofi's hair. The wings could be better but this was my first try, so... The next two are Beth and Theo, the parents of Sofia. And lastly, Ion, the inventor (and tyrant), Sofi's brother.

I'm immensely proud if these dolls; I've never done anything this large. I planned the outfits, added little symbols and all the while listened to the soundtrack. XD Thanks to a friend for getting me ALL of Peter Gabriel's songs for Christmas. ^__^


I can proudly say that I'm Hungary's greatest Ronin Warriors fan. So it was inevitable that I'll come up with a Ronin doll sooner or later. This handsome one is Sanada Ryou, the unofficial leader of the team, in civilian attire at the moment. He has the Armor of Wildfire which is linked to the virtue of Virtue (yes, I think, this is stupid...). That's what is written on his shirt with a kanji.

Base by 2PIXEL

He's no other than the great Elven King Thranduil. Our verse, of course. Many like to dress him into robes - maybe Tolkien wrote that in the Hobbit...? But according to us, he seldom wears robes. Come on, he's a warrior, who has to battle with Mordor's shadow on a daily basis! Also, he's not your usual elf, he's wild and passionate, likes to throw lavish parties and does not care about formalities. So why should he dress conventionally...?


Alphonse Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist. Human!Verse. With a kitty. Need I say more...? XD

Base by: SHOURI

She's Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch. Fans of X-men and Avengers surely know her. She's the daughter of the mighty mutant Magneto and she has reality-altering powers. In the "House of M" issues, she had quite a prominent role.

I like Wanda much, she's a kind and very pretty woman. I loved how she came together with the Vision. ^_^ On the other hand, Marvel isn't able to handle her - just like it isn't able to handle any strong woman maybe aside Ororo. They deliberately ruined Wanda's character, adding further plotholes and illogical happenings to their universe. Marvel is on crack.


Kingdom Hearts 2 all the way! This handsome little guy is Demyx, the Melodious Nocturne. He's a Nobody, meaning that when he lost his heart to the darkness, his body and soul didn't vanish but retained the original form.

Though, Square messed up something again. Nobodies have no hearts, they don't feel - bah. Demyx is a lovely, lively young man, and come on, he's a musician! He has a large blue instrument as a weapon, commonly agreed to be a sitar by the fandom, though once I've seen an opinion, that it's actually a setar. Go fig.

I had fun with the hair - I love Demyx's mullet. ^_^ The Organization cloak is a bitch, though. It's so painfully big and black. I really wanna do a fandesign Demyx as well.

base by: KOLIE

Heh. That is Lestat, the Rouge Prince and Louis. I suppose, Lestat is dressed in one of his rocker garbs, and Louis... is dressed as always. Lestat's hair didn't come out as bad.

It was a request of a friend, as you can see. ^^


This lady is none other than Moira MacTaggert, the Scottish scientist, from X-men. When I got to read Excalibur 3, I realized, how pretty and strong she was even though she was no mutant. It was a real shame how Marvel handled her, so here's my tribute to this wonderful woman.

Base by WAYUKI







A PG-rated X-men fanart... Yepp, that's Professor X and Magneto, in Israel where they were working together in a hospital. I like this couple much. Come on, according to the latest calculations, they were together for some three-four WEEKS. And their "friendship" is still strong after foutry years and constant fighting against each other.