These dolls are practically fanarts but with a twist - the characteres are pictured differently here than their creators drew/wrote them. Just take a look and you'll understand.
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I think it didn't turn out half as bad. ^^ While I'm not satisfied with the sweatshirt, I really like the pants, and the SHOES, omg, they're the best I've ever done. I SUCK with shoes. The hair isn't bad, either... the beard is strange, but facial hair is a pain to pixel. >_o

For those who are curious: the gentleman is called Owen Pryce, and his codname at the 'armored troubleshooter' organization he leads is Optimus Prime. XD His looks were designed by Oniwanbashu of DA, leader of the project.

Base by: WAYUKI

Oniwanbashu-designed Swoop, dressed according to my twisted fashion sense. XD Actually, I love how he came out, the shirt, the jeans, hair and eyes - everything. And I didn't have to pixel shoes! XD I had much fun with this doll.

Base by: CHAMA

Finn Aodhan, or First Aid, the young medic of Oniwanbashu's Autohuman AU. He's lovely and kind, the type you want to hug and feed pie. Originally, First Aid belongs to the Autobot subgroup Protectorbots, and actually, Finn still does; If I recall correctly, he's youngest among the teammates, and everybody loves him. They're like a family.

Love: the hair, the glasses. Hate: the shoes. >> I notoriously suck at shoes.

Base by: DOLLKAT

This lady is my part of an Eden Enchanted userproject - She's no other but Morgana Le Fay, the dark sorceress of the Arthur Pendragon legend. She didn't come out too bad... It was funky that I had no idea what kinda hair color she was intended to have but dark works well.

Base by: DHF

Ehhehhe. XD This was an entry for Eden Enchanted's "7 Deadly Sins" contest. We had to incorporate the color, animal and punishment into the image, and I decided to be unorthodox, like in most cases. She's Lust, naturally. I'm immensely proud of the hat and the fire-ring.


The powerful Vlad Masters himself, showing off the rest of his wardrome aside the black suit and the white bathrobe. I really wanted to pixel him in casual.

They say Danny Phantom season three will be soon avaialable for everybody... I hope it happens fast. Can't wait for 'Torrent of Terror' - that ep is pure Vlad/Danny fanservice! XD


Yet another Demyx; now, he's in casual. ^^ The hair looks cute like always, and you know what? I don't give a DAMN about what the original color is. People always poke me that either it's too pale, too dark, too yellow, I'm done with you.

I've seen a shirt like this on an Asian guy on my way home once, only that one had some text on it. Mm, I'd like to have it. ^^

Base by RINYU

Another very old doll, from the X-men fandom: Mastermind and Gambit, in our Ray!Verse storyline. Mastermind sort of looks like this in Ultimate, and I just had to steal the design... He's yummy. Gambit just looks like his usual, handsomely disheveled self.

In this particular !verse, they both belong to Magneto's gang, and they are a couple.

Base by 2PIXEL

Woo-hoo!! If I say "Knight Rider", does it ring a bell? It was a damn good series in the 80's. It was about a young man (played by David Hasselhof), who became the agent of FLAG, a foundation, which tried to help people. Go figure. The other star of the show was KITT, an AI placed into a beautiful, armored Pontiac Trans AM. He was a truly adorable fellow.

Some time ago, I got re-hooked on this series and I started to write a fic in which, KITT was revived in an android body, along with his "brother", the very first FLAG-AI named KARR. The story was about how they accustom to the new life and what adventures they go through in the new world. So these are the two androids: Karr's on the left, Kitt's on the right.

The great Roy Mustang from Fullmetal Alchemist - at the moment, in his Amestris Space Fleet uniform. I'm co-authoring an AU fic, which places FMA into a sci-fi setting (obviously, we watched too much Battlestar Galactica).
Roy is the Captain of the Eternity. He's on a two-year mission with his crew - they're sent out to explore the yet unknown regions of space.

Of course, on his way, Roy picks up Ed, who sports cybernetic limbs and Al, whose soul is trapped in a spacesuit.

I had fun designing the uniform. I mostly kept the original concept and the color but it seems a little more formal, a bit closer to sailor uniforms perhaps.


He's actually Cain Fury from FMA, just kitty- or better said, Nekofied. I was co-authoring a few stories which starred various characters as Nekos. Poor Cain was a whore in a brothel and the cruel ovner decorated him with all sort of piercings until he fled and found shelter at Havoc.

Well, Cain isn't this lean as on the doll but the pose was so perfect, I had to use it.

base by: WONDER FUEL

Hee-hee! ^_^ Lately, I've been on a massive Kingdom Hearts streak, so it was natural that I had to come up with a KH doll. This punk is Axel, though currently, he's not wearing his Organization coat. This design comes from a Livejournal RP I'm moding, the 3cities. Axel is just like his original self in that game, wild, cunning, and generally, a lovable bastard. The wardrobe change is due to the setting. It kinda fits, neh?

The hair wasn't easy and I'm not hundred percently satisfied with it but for the first try, it's not that bad.


Another RP-based design - Kiros Seagill, as the outcast prince of the rich and beautiful country Gongaga. Meh, don't ask.

I really loved my Kiros in that game, he was so pretty, so regal, and so gay. He loved to dress in woman's clothes, especially the traditional garments of his homeland. He was fond of jewelry and dancing; and he was pretty good in the latter. Aside of that, he had been his brother's - the king's - advisor. I dare to hope that his advices did a lot of good.

Kiros had to leave Gongaga, when his younger brother killed the king and framed Kiros with the murder. The ex-prince eventually ended up in the lines of Tantalus, sort of becoming the kids' surrogate mommy because of his kindness, medical knowledge and cooking skills. ^_^


A gift for the incredible Laylah given out in 2006. This is Demyx from her brilliant FFVII-KH crossover story, 'Sex Drugs and Rock&Roll'. Demyx is a singer there, and generally, the biggest slut ever.

I like how the hair came out even though the color has nothing to do with the original shade. Also, I like the chains. ^^ The 'shirt' and the shorts were canon in Laylah's fics, so I don't claim the glory for them.

I know there aren't many details on this doll but what was there to make detailed...?

base by: UNKNOEN

KH uber alles.

This is Vexen, number IV in the Organization - currently, in some more or less Victorian clothes. Not much to say to this, I just wanted a Vexen doll, the base was perfect, and I wanted really elegant clothes. This is the result ^^


Edit: Actually, I'm doing a KH vampire AU with a dear friend, and Vexen is a doctor/scientist/magician there. And I can very well imagine that this is his usual attire.

For a change, something not KH - Sigurd Harcourt (Xenogears) and Kefka Palazzo (FFVI), most probably spending some quality time at a holiday resort. The idea came form the 3citiesRP again, where they're both high-ranked SOLDIERS. Sigurd is the leader of the Gear Squad, and Kefka is the general of the Second Class.

They were both injected with Jenova cells, and that took a toll on them - Kefka, whose mental stability wasn't the best from his childhood went kinda nuts, while Sigurd was suffering from physical symptomes - no Geostigma, just headache (for reasons, see 3cities)
Kefka's mun is an absolute darling, and this doll was dedicated for her.


Heh. ^^ Another not-too-detailed doll but what do you detail on a naked savage...? He's Saix, originally from KH2, but at the moment, he's a hunter/translator/guide/ from 3cities (again). He lives not too far from Ultima City and he's in the process of befriending with Prof. Demyx Allegro at this time.

The hair on the doll is a bit smoothed; it was shocking how it contrasted with the skin, so I had to do it.

base by: WAYUKI


There's never enough KH. Demyx again, in his Pari (head priest) garb from the wonderful AU RP 'Across the sky', titled after the fabulous Emilie Autumn song. Demyx is the chosen one of the river god Agwe, and the beloved of the Western wind god Loz. ^^ The somewhat forbidden relationship brings both of them hard time and troubles but eventually, they overcome all the obstacles and find their happiness.


Eeeebil Plotbunnies. After listening to old techno songs one too many times, I started to have visions about the chars I roleplay, AU setting, shiny costumes and speeeeed... Together with my fave gamer, we came up with the Gladiator AU. In this one, Sigurd is one of the fighters, who would like to win the Grand Tournament, and his freedom with it. Naturally, a rival from his arena, the Atlantis - note the 'A' on his shoulderpad - makes it harder (though, as it should be, they will end up together XD), just like last year's champion from the Avalon Arena.

Mrowr. Ever heard about/read/seen Phantom of the Opera...? Say hi to a new and improved Erik.

He resides on a space station called Nova, which is the center of entertainment at its time, in the future. The Opera Hall is on the 81st level, and strange things happen there...

This Erik is just as bipolar as any of his incarnations, though I discarded his deformities. Instead, he's a mix between human and a widely despised alien race. The poor thing, despite being a genius architect and mechanic, hacker and talented singer, is forced to live hidden from the humans' eyes with his daroga friend Nadir as company. The flower in Erik's hand is a rare herb; it is a component in the medicine Nadir's son needs to survive.