These dolls and things I got as a gift or bought fair and square. No adoption! These were requests/ shop orders on various forums.
Marine, the little elven waterwitch. She started out quite badly, as a slave who was bought by a wizard, and she was suppoed to be a monster's plaything... However, she managed to befriend the monster - a deep sea demigod named Aegeos - and together they managed to shake off their chains and take some more.

Done by jessig
Base by - I have no idea. o3o

Dionne/Websy, the cute mutant girl.

Done by Mjoller / DarkPhoenix / Valotoxin
Base by MARIII'S DOLL HOUSE / Dollfever (down) / GLAM exclusive

Carangil, my Imladris elf lady. Singer and songwriter, Mistogil's future wife.

Done by Cyanidekiss / Pumpkinhead / Damnliza / Tals
Base by DHF / Penny Angel / Silindor / Fainelloth

Mistogil, my Mirkwood elf. Dancer, jeweler and "Half of Mirkwood's lover". Though, according to his little sis, he's not a whore, merely popular. XD

Done by Damnliza
Base by Silindor

Silus Sunfell, the Imperial Stormtrooper, this time obviously out of his armor. He's a very dedicated young man, who serves the Empire with prode and joy; and he can actuall hit targets - a rare trait in stormtrooper lines!

Done by Liss
Base by GLAM exclusive

Midnight Moon, my character in an upcoming Indian-based RP. She's still not married, because she only wants to have such a guy for husband, who brings her a piece from the moon. (The issue is already settled, as one of the brave warriors tracked down some moonstones for her, though the road back is long~)

Done by Lyricanna
Base by Shirubi-chan

Alyssa Blake, my Autohuman, from Oniwanbashu's project. She's my darling psychiatrist, in charge of the mental health of five well-armed Dinoboys. ^^

And nobody can get her hair right... ^_^;

Done by Cherry
Base by room4squares

Done by Abzdragon
base by Jishin

Done by Lugerezade

Done by impa
Base by Sabraelle


Done by Deaddoll
Base by Fruicticious

Done by Rhapsody-Girly
Base by Wish04

Done by Carina
base by QUINQUI
This is a special version of Alyssa without the blue hair.

Done by Serenity
Base by Pisces Design
Alyssa with her BF,Medieval style ^^

Done by Odyrah
Base by Silindor

Done by kougami
Base by WAYUKI

Done by Filthy Gorguz
base by Silindor

Done by Juno
Base by Dollkat

Done by WassupKiba
Base by MARIII

Done by Mahal
Base by JISHIN

Done by Amaris
Base by Dollkat


Done by WassupKiba
I think it's baseless...?


Hibio, René's personal guardian; currently in his original demon form.

Done by Jessie
Base by Fizelle

Soumis, the witch/summoner/shaman aid and lover of the famous female warlord Herona.

Done by Tals
Base by Eclectic Blue

Hitorino Ryoko, my magical girl. She's fire-based, and she held the Esper Ifrit inside her... She's a hardcore otaku and a fierce fighter.

Done by bethie / kougami
Base by 2PIXEL / Wish04

Sabine, my second mutant; tough-as-old-boots mountaneer, extreme sports fan, rodeo help-out and Sabretooth-tamer.

Done by Melly
Base is an old Eden base

A redoll from the Glam event... chose that doll of Websy and made it into this.

Yes, I know I shouldn't feel this... miffed. Nobody said you'll give what you expected.

Done by
Base by konfusion_with_a_k

My dearly beloved and departed AD&D character, Musume. I played with her for two years, then she got killed off by the DM. Her hair is a pain to do.

Done by Nino
Base by Nino as well; baseless, I suppose.

Seline Taree, the Trill ambassador of DS9 XD Supposedly she's involved in the peace negotiations between Cardassia, the Bajorans and the Federation. She has a brother, who works at the station as a doctor. Neither of them has a symbiot.

Done by Juno

My sweet Farah, the Reol slave lovemate, butler, PR-manager and common sense of the Goa'Uld lord Huitaca.

Done by Kitexx
Base by Kitexx as well; actually, it's baseless.

René, the French doctor, who grew up on Hawaii.

Done by Shyla
Base by Strony Aster

Abelarde W'Rath, my Corrupted representative. First is a b-day gift, second is an auction win.

Done by Kayos / Sheesha
Base by me / Sunshinestaellite

Yasei Shiroi; Head Priest of White Wolf in a standalone project I had with somebody. He's the type of 'mortal angel', who hides his wings. And he usually wears more tasteful boots...

Done by Maggot

Angelina Turner; my char in an AU PotC story. Oldest child of William Turner, who loves the sea and with the help of her godfather, James Norrington, she managed to get into the Royal Academy; but she couldn't graduate. However, she couldn't mourn for long, as her adventurous sister simply left to sail with Jack Sparrow, so Angelina, teaming up with Norrington's own son Evan, had to find Katherine and bring her back. Needless to say, things didn't quite go smoothly.

Done by Bubbles
Base by DHF

My steampunk character by the name of Cordelia Mirabelle Cartwright; she's a nurse. Because once you lie in a pool of your own blood with a wrench lodged up at someplace painful, you WILL need a medic. The Gear-cross is my design. ^^

Done by Kitexx // Fira-chan
Base by QUINQUI // Gummy-monster

Clarissa Belladonna Malfoy, my silverblooded Slytherin. Currently in a pretty prom dress, her school uniform and disguised as an Irish tap-dancer. ^^

Done by Angelemz / Carlita / Declan

Reeca, my little teenager special agent. She was a char in a Mekton RPG... my first real anime-inspired char. She's very cool, cold and calm, the only time is when she gets excited if there are weapons nearby. She's an excellent marksman, too.

Done by Caitlin
Base by Foxyfridays

Memory, the assassin with complete memory loss... The poor thing. ^^

Done by Feymeggan

Chiyaki, the succubus lady, madly in love with the exotic dancer guy Rama just below. She's a hot thing, and, well, we all know what succubi do... XD

Done by Heartpuppeteere / Amy
Base is a Corrupted Carousel exclusive / SILINDOR

And, he'd be Chiyaki's master... sorta. Belly dancer, Irish tap-dancer and modern stuff doesn't faze him either; Rama is calm and friendly - but trust me, you don't want to get on his bad side. >3

Done by Heartpuppeteere
Base is a Corrupted Carousel exclusive

And the two of 'em together. ^^ I made a sh*tload of icons for Kenly, for her RPG forum - this was one of the payments I've recieved. I'm _still_ in love with Rama's hair.

Done by Kenly
Base by DHF

Touch, my thief; sweet and cat-friendly, but don't try to touch her. She bites.

Done by KaliNokoMis

Isra Al-Janan. I've had the concept for a while, then Cyborg 009 came along and I suddenly neded a fanchar - Isra volunteered. He's actually an alien, composed of more energy than matter, and he can manipulate energy, too, so he's a successful healer among others. His name literally means 'nocturnal journey of the heart/soul'.

Done by Pumpkinhead
Base by WAYUKI

Lucia Bianconi aka Lucifera, currently in her mundane form. She's a Persian cat Pooka, resident otaku and the school's porn supplier. The only thing she won't ever get you is the old photos of her mom. She's viciously hunting them down and destroys them.

Done by Stinio

My summoner character, Sir William Roger Cavendish's fire elemental, Giselle.

Done by Amavanna
Base by Glassroses

Tamerlaine! My sweet chimera character. One third human, one third cat, one third bird, made by a demon scientist, who wanted to make a breed of messengers. Tam came with all these neat extras, like, he was able to change his gender according to his partner's. And, since at the end of the game, Mitty, the Dragon of Waters asked for his hand, Tam is perpetually stuck as a she. XD

Made by Hollay
Base by: Digital Couture

Lilybell, my sweet elven minstrel girl. She can dance and sing like only elves can, and her strange birthmark on the back of her neck indicates much hidden power; and also makes her the target of her evil uncle.

Done by Caitie
base by MARIII

He was an auction win back on Eden Enchanted; he's Swoop, of course, in his Autohuman form. He looks awesome, like usual.

Done by Kendy64

She's actually Rose from FMA. Back then, I had a lot of ideas for AUs, and in one of them, Rose was a singer, flocked by Fury, Farman and Belshio on a post-apocalyptic world. Now, the more I listen to the song which inspired me, 'Ready to Go', the more I'm convinced that Rose is not just a singer but an ordinary, everyday goddess. Story might follow, who knows.

Done by Deaddoll

Loz, from Advent Children, looking adorably badass. XD He cost me 2000 Gaia golds, and I obtained him from a shop there... Ages ago.

Gaia Online base edit

Maggie Madsen, one of the female heroes from the 2007 live action Transformers movie. ^^

Done by Mokia_sinhall
Base by room4squares