Awards I've won
Mmyepp. I didn't finish this contest; I didn't feel like it.
I can't shake off the suspicion that Frizz really likes me. Anyway, it was my entry for the Mythology Pageant. I chose Bastet from the Egyptian pantheon.

Best Portrait. Well, I had to work on it for a while... I'm glad the effort paid off. ^^


Best Translation: we had to doll our godess as member of another pantheon. This is a Norse Bastet.
From the Character Pageant. XD for the second round, we were to doll our chars naked. I chose the easy way out.

An entry for the Casino's "Mythical Steampunk" contest. There were a total of four entries. ^^ She is a Japanese fox spirit.

Best Bathrobe. XD May I say LOL.


I was kind of proud of this guy. ^^ And he even walked off with two awards

I, uh. Have no idea where this one's from.

I didn't even know about this! XD Seems it pays off to differ.

This feels quite like an accomplishment.

Again, I have not expected this.
Hehehe. ^^
Do I even need to say anything...?