I'm up on Glam, where I pay ~70-200 diamonds. I'll also take art trades or pay in Gaia gold (5000-10000 gg/doll). However, it'd be best if you contacted me about the payment first – I might not be able to pay in certain currencies at the moment when you have my doll ready if I'm not warned about saving the currency for this purpose.

The 'x's mean that I already have a doll about that char. But don't let it stop you. And oh yes, no toolshaders please. Stupid personal preferences.

Any questions, my SN is still ladyokami and my mail is still ladyokami@yahoo.com.

Abelarde W'rath x x
My Corrupted Carousel character, an evil wizard and alchemist. PORTRAIT1 PORTRAIT2 He dresses according to Victorian/Edwardian fashion, mainly in blue and red, some violet and gold. Black, definitely. Though, he can be put into some alternative costumes, more fantasy-like or slightly modernized; I don't mind steampunk, either. If you choose that, let him have something glowy on him; blue glow please. Oh, he wears glasses, too. Smaller, bigger, what-have you, I don't mind, but he has to have round or oval ones. And here's the link to his wardrobe: HERE

Alyssa Blake (15)
She has somewhat tanned peach skin, blue hair and eyes. She's a cheerful, very kind young woman, who really likes her job; she's a psychiatrist. Her hair is almost always left free; sometimes she wears a bindi on her forehead. No, or very faint make-up. Wears tops with wide sleeves, short skirts; belly-button is showing if appropriate; she is fond of blues and teals with silver, but she would wear anything until it suits her. South-Asian (India) influence on her clothing style would be LOVELY. LOTS of bracelets/bangles, simple pearl earrings, a golden medal on gold chain. Alternately, she can be portrayed in some lovely sari; preferably blue with silver patterns. Her gallery will hopefully give you ideas. Also, here's a hair/palette ref

I'd really love dolls of Aly. She's one of my absolute fave chars, and as such, I'd love to see her in all kind of outfits - formal, casual, period, fantasy, modern... Anything, until the clothes don't indicate some personality change... If you doll her as a punk or emokid, I'll throttle you. ^^ However, gothloli is allowed. I'd really love to see her in a full leather biker outfit, too (to match her BF XD). Basically, if you have an idea, hit me up somewhere (I'm OKami_hu on Glam), and we'll talk about it.

Angelina Turner x
PotC fan character in an AU story; she's the oldest child of Will Turner. She was always enamored with sailing, but not the pirate's life – quite on the contrary. Her godfather, James Norrington eventually managed to smuggle her into the Royal Navy's local training grounds, passing her as a young man, and she excelled in both studies and marksmanship, but she was not allowed to graduate, much to her deepest regret.

She has reddish brown, wavy hair, usually caught in a ponytail, and brown eyes. She wears period men's clothes – colors are your choice, until they match her. However, because the story eventually made her end up as a pirate of shorts, you're free to put her into female pirate garb (skirts preferred, sorta like Tia Damla's outfit), and let her hair, which reaches the middle of her back loose.

Aspin Logell
Aspin is actually half demon but thankfully, his wayward dad's genetics aren't really prominent in him. He inherited some abilities, but mostly, he's just human. He used to be an advisor to a small duchy's ruler.

He is kinda short, barely 5'4", slender and needs a cane for walking; he's limping since birth. He looks a lot younger than he is, generally he's described as 'boyish' (in fact he's in his early-mid thirties). Skin is aristocratically pale, hair is shiny black and his eyes are very dark brown which seem deep red if the light catches them at the right angle (or if he's stressed). (Reference)

His wardrobe was designed with a Celtic theme in mind; in cold weather, he wears thick layers because he hates the cold and he can prance around in long sleeves even in summer. His colors are greens, black, gold accents and on special occasions, white. Aside the clothes ref, if you feel up to it, you can design him something else. I'd be content with a summer wear (something similar), too. Ornament-wise, Celtic designs would be perfect.

He generally aims to look harmless; his natural charm spells work much better if ppl trust him. He's pretty nice anyway, usually calm, smart, polite and friendly. (And actually, despite being invented at least two years prior to 'Thor', he pretty much looks like prince Loki. O.o)

A Greek hero; technically a half-god, since his granddaddy is Ares, God of War, but their relationship has been... strained, to say at least, from the beginning. Atro is tall and broad-shouldered (Seen Xena or Hercules? You've got an idea then), with short, curly dark hair, dark eyes and a neat little beard. (Oo-kay, he actually looks like Ares from the previously mentioned series - LIKE THIS). Due to his divine heritage, he is an amazing fighter, who can use literally anything as a weapon if the need arose. However, he is in fact a polite, mellow guy, who rather dwells into poetry than ripping apart monsters and indulging into genocide.

As for clothing, dress him into simple pants, a sleeveless, tastefully torn shirt or a leather west... Look up a few screenshots of the series. He wears leather armbands/wristguards and a silver coin on a leather sting around his neck.

Carangil x x x
She's one of my Middle-Earth characters; an Imladris elf girl. Her name means Red Star and she got it from her daddy, who's an astrologist. Carangil is a poet and singer, Lord Elrond likes her voice. Ref. Image is here

It gives you an idea about colors, but you can put her into a different Elvish dress. Please note, that she's not dressed in the "traditional" 'thin lavender rag sweeping the ground' attire – be creative with her outfit. Since her future husband is from Mirkwood, you can even dress her into pants and vests. Go more fantasy with her clothes or Renaissance, not into the 'movie elf' direction.

Chiyaki x x
Chiyaki's a succubus, who somehow lands in the mortal realm and eventually falls in love with a mortal man, Rama. She even takes a mortal job, as a porn actress and erotic dancer. ^^ She's pretty good with both. She's lively, curious and fun-loving, very-very flirtatious, and open-minded, but rather uncharacteristically for a succubus, Rama has total ownage on her heart.

She has both a human form and a demon one. In both versions, she has hot pink hair and mint green eyes. Her skin is a lovely peach shade and she loves strong make-up. For the hairstyle, look HERE. Yes, those are glasses on her human form. She thinks they look sexy.

She likes to dress in little to nothing – always fashionable and in strong colors like pink, turquoise and gold. In her demon form, she sticks to black domina-like outfits. To get a better idea about her taste, look HERE – it's an entire gallery of clothes she'd wear gladly, any day.

If it's any indication, her image song is 'Just a little while' by Janet Jackson.

Invented for the Dragon Ball fandom, she's your average half-blooded Saiyajin. XD Standard DBZ spiky hair, but in pinkish purple; dark blue eyes and cinnamon skin. Ref image is HERE. As shown on the image, she prefers skirts. Which leads to great panty shots, but ah well.

Cinnamon is an AU child, born from the speculation about what would've happened if Radiz tried another way to rule: sowing his seed if you catch my drift, and breed his army. Unfortunately, he was defeated before his plans came to fruition, and Cinna and her elder sister (her name was black pepper but I can't remember the exact word…) grew up as ordinary humans. They both excel in martial arts tho, but Cinna is a typical cute girl, having a fondness to BJD, Hello Kitty and shojo mangas.

Clarissa Belladonna Malfoy x x x
Her name is Clarissa Belladonna Malfoy and she's obviously a Harry Potter character. Her dad is Victorius Malfoy, Lucius Malfoy's younger brother, who downright refused to obey Voldemort and fled into America. He married Cerridwen O'Mallow, an Irish student he met on the muggle university he attended.
It turned out that Cerridwen is a fae, a sidhe changeling. Thus, Clarissa and her younger sis Carmelina are Silverbloods.

PORTRAIT. Clothes are either uniform – white blouse, black miniskirt, green knitted vest, Slytherin tie – or something like those dresses Irish tap-dancer girls wear. Or, just put her into a pretty prom dress, in any shade of green. She has a silver snake bracelet, which is actually her pet, Seth.

Cordelia Mirabelle Cartwright x x
She's a steampunk char, a nurse. She has aristocratically pale skin, grayish green eyes and dark reddish brown hair. She puts an effort into always looking very proper, meaning, closed, high-collared dress, long skirt and a pristine white apron with a red GEAR-CROSS. She wears glasses; an added magnifying lens would be cool. The hair is pulled up into a bun, or secured with a large hairclip. I'd prefer a small bag, kinda like a messenger bag, and some neat green-copper jewelry... a key pendant for example. Besides, she's sort of a strict, no-nonsense young lady, very logical, but gentle. Here are a few examples of her possible outfits: HERE, HERE and HERE - though you can always try to be creative - and you can put her into some nice Victorian formal dress, too; after all, she's a nobility. She prefers golden browns, dark blue, olive green and gray.

Dionne Rickard x x x
Originally, she was a crossover char; an X-men mutant, whose father was a char from the anime Ronin Warriors. ... Actually, she's still that. Her codename is Webmistress - gotta keep up with the world, peeps. XD Her powers are illusions, and she can enter a sleeper's mind, and 'weave' its dreams - twist them into nightmares, clear them for a relaxing rest, whatever.
Websy's about 18 years old, and she's rather small. She has a very upbeat personality, though she can be a little bitchy at times. She loves fashion and vivid colors, and she actually thinks Professor X is kinda hot.
Reference and outfit gallery

She's actually an ElfQuest character, and if you have no idea what ElfQuest is, refrain from attempting to doll her. She's described as 'Sun-villager by birth and Wolfrider by choice'. Her warm honey blonde hair is styled like THIS; she has warm brown eyes and dark skin. She wears a corset/vest combo, tight pants, fur-trimmed boots and a long 'apron' which reaches her knees. Colors, jewelry and motifs are up to you, but she has to have a falcon feather on her either in her hair on in an arm band. CLOTHES REF

Farah x
He's a slightly gender-confused Stargate character; a Reol. Reols naturally secrete a chemical that implants false memories and illusions in others, making strangers believe that the Reol is someone they are familiar with. (Thanks, Wiki.) Farah knows the humans of the SG project well - especially Daniel Jackson as they attended the same university, and he's also the trusted companion of a lesser Goa'uld System Lord, who had been stripped from nearly all his belongings save a starship and one lone Jaffa. Currently there are plans of allying him with the Tau'rians.

Farah uses his ability to appear as a perfectly androgynous-looking, beautiful human with long wavy hair, flawless peach skin and brilliant blue eyes. Here's a HAIR REF. The color is dark/honey blond. He may dress in SG uniform, or very exotic clothes, with a South-American flavor to them. He likes jewelry, especially large circular pendants, but anything else is fine, too, in large, but tasteful amounts. (For inspiration, google 'peruvian jewelry') Colors may vary, but he's fond of gold, yellow, orange and white, turquoise or lapis blue and grass green. He also has a very decorative slave bracelet on his left hand, and he never parts from it.

He has a tattoo on his left shoulderblade, "Credendo Vides" written in fancy gothic letters. Credendo Vides means 'by believing, one sees', as opposed to the original 'seeing is believing'. It expresses Farah's wish for the humans to understand, trust and like him, to see him as he is, his personality instead his illusionary outside.

Giselle x
She's a fire elemental. Her master, however, prefers her in the form of a little girl, around 10-12 years old (meaning, cute big eyes, though I don't mind boobies!). She has very-very curly golden blond hair, and a lot of it (kinda like Claudia from the 'Interview with the Vampire'); it reaches the middle of her back, but she often pulls it up with a bow, or into pigtails, or buns. Her eyes are orange-ish red. And I forgot to mention, that she's quite tanned.

Her master is a wizard in the Victorian England, and naturally, Giselle dresses accordingly - though with a slight twist. Basically, she's wearing all kinda lolita outfits. A few examples: One Two Three Four Five The color scheme is white, black, red and gold in various combos - two colors at once. Her master loves to spoil her with jewelry; she wears rubies and gold.

In Steampunk settings, when there's no magic, Giselle is a clockwork puppet built for the master by his father

Hayabusa No Musume x
Musu was my first dearly beloved AD&D character, who passed away due to reasons beyond my control. I'd really love to have dolls of her, to honor her memory. Here's a reference. It gives you an idea about hairstyle and clothing preference. Her hair, however, is three-toned: violet, light blue and teal, each tress a different color. Here eyes are light purple, and she has light skin. She wears a lot of blue, with gold and green accents. The little thing in her hand is a light blue marble, which was actually her suit of armor. Her weapon was a lance.


She's a female warlord (Warlady...?). Quite a famous one, for though being a woman, she's a tactical and strategical genius, ruthless as it gets, can drink men under the table and handles more weapons better than them, too. She likes to conquer new territories and gather treasure and slaves. She's quite small, some 5'2", athletic built, nicely muscled. Her short hair is silvery, her eyes are amber and her skin is a cold toned brown. REFS She wears male warrior's clothes: shirts, vests, leather pants, sturdy boots when not fighting, and a majestically billowing cape when it's some formal occasion. As for armor, it's shoulder pieces, chainmail, a metal bustier, arm and shin-guards, battle skirt. More fantasy than medieval.

Herona has a female lover, the powerful magic user Soumis.

Hibio/Hibiriel (Kaeaka Alana)
A demon of sorts; actually more like a nature spirit. Hibio resided on Hawaii, until a young boy - René - happened across his hiding place. Hibio quite liked the child and decided to be his companion, always following him around unseen, hiding in René's cross pendant. To the boy, Hibio introduced himself as Hibiriel, and René believes up to this day, that the pretty creature is his guardian angel. Which is even true in some ways.

Hibio has waist-long, straight hair; the color is a gradient, from a deep pink top to orange tips. He has sky-blue eyes. His skin is a dazzling tan. Here's a ref pic; you can dress him into other clothes, too, modern or period; in both cases, he prefers loose/baggy things, open shirts and funky accessories - he's fond of jewelry. If it's period stuff, he kinda looks like some lowlife, generally (though always clean), and when modern, he gravitates toward hip-hop/raver things; the bright colors appeal to him greatly. His favorite motif is the hibiscus.

Hitorino Ryoko
x x
A 16-years old magical girl. Her element is fire. She has black hair (ripped from THIS guy here ^^), and light blue eyes with tanned skin. She likes any kind of fashionable clothes, mostly in bright, and/or warm colors. If it can be shown (appropriate doll size), she wears a golden ring with a ruby on her left hand's index finger. Alternately, she can be put into some revealing armor-bikinis XD, or fantasy clothes, too.

Horatio Newton Whitlock
A serious, quiet, no-onsense British ex-military medic. He's a real gentleman, and quite a dish; aside being smart and, well, a doctor, he can handle guns and swords and isn't frail at all. Tall and broad-shouldered, decked in a fine suit or his simple field-getup, he'll save lives, patch up teammates, and hopefully, win the heart of the scientist girl tagging along on the amazing explorer journey he was hired for by a millionaire.

Horatio has graying black hair, steel-blue eyes and tanned skin. Here's a ref for his hairstyle; colors; and field outfit. However, you can dress him into nearly everything, most preferably ancient Egypt-related stuff, traditional Indian garbs and of course, Victorian outfits. But since the journey will take him through several parallel dimensions, anything goes. (even a pair of jeans, a leather jacket and a Harley Davidson)

His jewelry consists of an amethyst engagement ring, a golden rectangle pendant with the Eye of Horus, a golden pocket watch and a silver toe-ring. ^^ The pendant should be included if there's no coat or scarf to cover it.

Isra Al-Janan x
A Cyborg 009 fanchar; an alien scientist. EXAMPLE Fashion sense is kinda lost on him, but think of other people and don't make their eyes burn. Alternately, you can doll him in his original alien form; with white skin, pale yellow eyes and white hair. Clothes going with that form might be robes, loose-sleeved shirts, or even as little as a billowing scarf around his waist, as he's missing the equipment down there.

Currently without a proper family name, but he is a noble; and lives in the great steam age. A freemason and forensic scientist; Jeremiah hoards knowledge instead of appreciative glances, since he's a hunchback. Here's a reference. His hair is really nice though, and a very pale blond.

Most info's on the page. He's fond of the color blue, his signature is a blue morpho.

Jonathan Christopher Lafayette
My Coyote character, a young priest - basically in a western setting. Think Karl May and J.F.Cooper. He basically looks like Isra (see above), just his skin is a touch lighter (Spanish-French father and quarteron mother). Dress him as a period evangelist priest or as a Louisiana gentleman roaming the Wild West. But, nothing too rough, he's a noble-born, not some lowlife.

Khadiya Sharif

She is a young caracal shifter. Usually, she's in her human form, she only reverts to her animal or hybrid form when on the job – she's a trained assassin. She looks pretty much like Kaoru Tanamachi from Amagami  – except that her black hair is streaked with sandy brown, her eyes are gold, and she's quite tanned (Arabic origin). Her eyes are somewhat catlike with slit pupils, her ears are slightly pointy, and she seldom smiles.

She dresses according to Islamic fashion in warm colors, but with a fantasy flair to it – her dresses can't be too long because they'd hinder her movements. So her upper clothing reaches no further than the middle of her thighs, and she wears pants with them – ranging from skin tight to baggy (harem). Slipper-like footwear or soft short boots complete her attire, and she's prone to sport either a headscarf, or a hooded cloak. (But I won't be mad if you doll her in a long dress.) Some style pointers

Koriaston Rallavhan x
A half-elf swordsman, former City Guard and currently a hero-for-hire, testing the Crystal Circle, a new type of gem magic.He was based on Pitch from Rise of the Guardians, though Kor' looks a bit more... standard. His standard getup is a masculine version of THIS Longer, long-sleeved jacket instead of a dress and pants instead of thighs, but the rest is pretty much the same.

Thanks to the gem magic, he has some nifty accessories: rings with amethyst and calzedon, a jasper bead bracelet - those don't really have refs. His brooch and earring however can be found on 54THIS pic.

Lady OKami
Seriously, check the 'My characters' doll section, ref is there. Feel free to dress her into other Japanese-inspired clothes; and remember that she's a 'non-frilly' magical girl.

Lilybell x
Sorta like THIS Except she's an elf, with long ears, which stick out to the side (sorta the anime-elf kind). She's wearing medieval/fantasy inspired clothes; dress or skirt, peasant top or a blouse with a poofy sleeve, laced vest/corset, perhaps a scarf, ankle-boots... I let you decide. If it helps, she's sort of a singer-dancer type thing, bard, if you like, or minstrel. A note though, she is young and very modest, so nothing too revealing or short! ^^ She keeps her knees covered. Pointers for her style

She has emerald green hair, and amber eyes. For the clothing, mostly pastel colors... light green and orange, baby blue, but with strongly colored lining/embroidery/lacing/whatever.

Lord Kagetora
Seriously, check the 'My characters' doll section, ref is there. You can dress him into coolly casual or elegant stuff, even male kimono - but if you fail to grasp what a 'male kimono' is, I'll run you over with Optimus Prime.

Lucifera (Lucia Bianconi) x
She's a white Persian cat pooka; basically a shapeshifting catgirl. She is aged 14. In human form, she has blond hair and a lot of it; slightly tanned skin and bright green eyes. She wears miniskirts, short dresses, knee-length trousers and short tops – she's quite bold. She likes bright, light colors, fashionable stuff ('plaza-pussy' look is acceptable, emo and goth and other broody stuff ISN'T). When she's in her cat form, her hair turns white, and she dons white Persian cat tail and ears. Her outfit is kinda crazy then – go wild with it. She loves revealing stuff, sometimes she has dresses, which are cut at the front so her panties show in their full glory. She likes stockings, especially with a garter. Some casual clothes refs can be found HERE; and the fantasy type HERE Also, THIS is a skin palette, try to use it, hmm?

Mab is a Tron character; a secretery of Jarvis from Legacy. She's perfectly integrated to the system, so her circuits are red; her brown hair is caught in a tight bun, her eyes are green and she has very pale skin. He wears a tight, sleeveless dress, opera gloves and boots; she also has a transparent visor. (reference1 / reference 2)

I shamelessly ripped the character by the same name from Gargoyles – here's a portrait of the original. My Macbeth is not a human, though – his eyes are completely blue without iris or pupils and has pointy ears and two tiny horns on each sides of his forehead. His skin is bronze, and his hair is long, always kept in a ponytail. For clothing, he only wears black, deep violet and silver, aside his jewelry, which is polished wood (tribal make). Here's the ref for his usual attire.

He's tall and broad-shouldered; for a weapon, he either wields a handgun (Star Wars type), or an effing claymore.

Maladya is from the Discworld universe, and she's a reformed vampire, meaning, she doesn't drink blood. She transfers her addiction to sugar instead. She is a dancer, and due to the fact, that sunlight burns her to crisp, she favors nightclubs. And, actually… she's a guy.

She wears pretty modest Victorian-inspired clothes, when not on stage, mostly in dark blue, brown and olive. Reference

Marine x
A young elven waterwitch; she looks basically the same as Lillybelle, but with a different color code and wardrobe - light bluish green hair, amber eyes, small glasses; and clothes that might fit a young female magic user in watery colors and related accessories. Some pointers

Marine started out as a slave girl bought for nasty purposes, which involved a humanoid tentacle monster. However, much to her master's misfortune, she befriended the monster and they escaped together, practically taking over the master's household in the process. That's when Marine started to learn magic in earnest, and due to her sharp mind and natural affinity, she became quite good in quite a short time.

Memory x
An assassin – freelancer mercenary, as he calls himself – with total amnesia. XD He sorta looks like THIS, hair-wise; and his eyes are deep pink (NO eyepatch). His clothes mostly consist of loose-sleeved shirts, which have tight cuffs at the wrists, laced leather vest, which reaches his hips, and leather pants with boots, which come up to the middle of his shin. The colors are gray, in various shades. Optionally, he can be put into more colorful garbs, until they roughly follow the same pattern. He is equipped with a dagger, which is a bit similar to MKR Fuu's SWORD.

Midnignt Moon (Shana Midnight Moon) x
And American Indian character; either in ancient or modern form, she has her long black hair in two braids. She's prone to sport a hairclip adorned with a few feathers. In ancient!verse, give her some traditional leather dress with some crescent moons. In modern form, she likes to wear jeans, both pants and jacket with some simple tee. Or, alternately, something hippy-flavored works, too. ^^ In this form, she always wears a crescent-shaped moonstone pendant (which is a true-seeing artifact). She's aged 16 in ancient settings and around 25 in modern. One ref so far

She's a mythologist and also writes articles for various newspapers and magazines including the native one at the reservation, where her brother, Richard Sleeping Bear still lives.

Mistogil x
A LotR Mirkwood elf, future fiancé of Carangil, dancer and bead-maker, and holder of the title "Half of Mirkwood's Lover". XD Basically, he's a lively elf guy, energetic and friendly who enjoys all good things in life. Ref is here; he's the one in the middle (the other two are his sibs). He has black hair and green eyes. He loves jewelry, so chokers and bracelets and long earrings are definitely an option. His fave colors are green - any shade -, silver, beige and warm browns, teal and orange. He likes to wear awfully feminine stuff, long shawl-skirts, one-shouldered flowy gowns, long sashes, off-shoulder tops and the like (you have one srsly metrosexual elf here). His robes are often cut at the front or side, and he wears tight pants/thighs under those. For footwear, ankle boots or moccasins are fine but you can leave him barefoot, too. One really old fullbody ref to help you

Professor Sumati
A naga scientist. He has very pale skin, white hair and yellow eyes. His scales are white. He wears about three-four necklaces all the time, earrings, bangles and decorative belts. The palettes for his colors can be found HERE. And, he can be portrayed as a human, too. ^^ In that case, he MUST wear something traditionally Indian, in green, orange and red; and a lot of jewelry naturally. Here's a reference for his hairstyle. NOTE: before you start him, convince me you can do the snake body right.

Rama x
A mixture of several nations, Rama is a real beauty; dark-skinned with long wavy hair, which he likes to dye every other week to a different color (mostly black, golden blond or light blue), he naturally has dark mahogany eyes but he usually wears teal contacts. After all, he's an exotic dancer guy, he has an image to keep. He lives for dancing and music, and lately, his gosh-darn sexy succubus lover, Chiyaki. He's a fun-loving guy, carefree and usually very calm.

Rama is actually his artist name and he won't share the real one. He's a skilled belly dancer and is very good with Irish tap-dancing, too. Modern dances are just icing on the cake.

For colors, he prefers white, shades of blue and gold. HIS GALLERY contains both pointers for bellydance clothes, tap-dance costumes and his usual attire but you'll need your imagination, too, because Google is very unkind to male fashion. >> He likes chains and blue glass beads. He has an eyebrow hoop and a tiny golden stud nose piercing. And he loves non-piercing nippleshields and chains. ^^

Reeca Kenzoshiyama x
A sixteen years old special agent; she was working for NERV, thought not as a Mecha pilot. >3 She's an excellent marks(wo)man, cool, calm and collected, who only warms up when weapons are nearby. Therefore, bonus cookies if the doll has a gun - the larger the better.

She has amber eyes and shoulder-length wavy hair Example one is even the right color, but example two gets a little closer to it. She wears military inspired clothes but no camo; mostly black, blue and olive green. A few pointers again.

The Wolf Goddess of the world Aurum. She's young and enthusiastic, but does her job well. Her hair is light gray with light brown tips but only on her ponytail. Her eyes are yellow and her skin is light colored. She wears grays, lighter browns and reddish browns, white and occasionally black - wolf colors, basically. You may put her into different clothes, but nothing too elegant; a bit of a tribal touch would be favored. Here's a reference for hair; and two alternate outfits: ONE, TWO

René Lasset x
First of all, a FACE REF. He's a French doctor with lovely violet eyes and shoulder-length dark brown hair, which he catches into a ponytail. His skin is sort of ROSY. He loves black and white, he's oddly fond of yellow and gray and most surprisingly, he pretty much worships pink.

His outfit might represent any style or period, but I'd love to see him in modern or steampunk garbs. He likes to dress with many layers and he's fond of scarves. A few ideas for him. He likes patterned stuff, flowers, swirls and sparkles are his fave design elements.

He is very loosely based on a real person, or better said, how that real person - René Laennec - was represented in Rudyard Kipling's book "Rewards and Fairies". Go fig. ^^

My René is a wonderful doctor, warm-handed and kind-hearted, friendly, polite and sure of his own abilities. He knows his worth and is ready to defend himself (if the need arose, even with his CANE SWORD), but he's never too self-assured. He's deeply religious; he has a nice cross medal he cherishes. He loves music, and like his RL counterpart, he's a talented flutist. He grew up on Hawaii, and is very interested in primitive medicine and medicine magic. And he has a strange guardian angel named Hibiriel.

Rush Soto

Sabine DeForrest (Ranger) x
X-men character; her alias is Ranger, and she's able to calm and sort of command animals. She's a very tough lady. She is a mountaineer, and is usually seen wearing tough clothes; jeans, man's shirts, vest, even a cowboy hat and of course boots. However, she likes to dress sexily now and then; she dresses into sparkly tops and short skirts when she's on the prowl at the local bars. Jeans skirts are totally an option, too.

Sabine is very athletic and quite tall. Her hair is bronze red, she usually catches it in a ponytail. Her eyes are either brown or amber (the latter happened through the course of a certain story), and her skin varies from normal to tanned - it depends only on the season. XD Reference: HERE

Seline Taree x
She's a Star Trek character, a trill ambassador (standard flecked trill skin applies – see example). Her shoulder-length light brown hair is slicked back; her eyes are turquoise. Clothes ref: HERE. Don't forget the communicator pin! XD The setting is DS9.

My wind-dragon. He is tall, slender and has hair. A LOT of it. In fact, his white hair, which is always caught in a high pony-tail is so long he'd drag it on the ground if it won't be floating on its own, majestically billowing in the air behind Sheen. Kinda like this. The sloppy ref shows his usual clothes; simple very light blue tunic, white sash, light gray pants and darker boots. He has long pointy ears. His skin is pale, his eyes are pale blue with cut pupils which are barely visible, as if he would be blind. He has a pale blue jewel on his forehead. He's a quiet, soft-spoken guy but good with magic. He has a bane, though: he can be trapped by any lock or clasp or binding. He can only wear anything like that because his clothes are a mere illusion.

You're free to put him into other clothes, like a yukata or some more interesting fantasy outfit; or, something what could be worn by a tribal shaman or prince. Something along the lines of a long loincloth and heaps of jewelry.

Sheila Landor

A TRON OC; he's an interior design program. He looks a lot like Tieria Erde, thought the similarity was completely unintentional. Here are some refs: Full body & Portrait

You can change his skin to less bluish hue; make him quite pale, almost colorless. You can change his outfit around a bit, giving him a fighter outfit, or a robe slightly reminiscent of Clu's, but it would be nice if you were familiar with the fandom before going wild with his wardrobe.

Siegfried von Kaltenbach

A Nazi officer, plain and simple. He's young and spoiled to the point of throwing temper tantrums if angered. He works as a protocols officer. He's very Aryan-looking with his short, wavy blond hair, light blue eyes and pale skin, though he's a tad on the slender side, and he's not exceptionally tall, either. Reference

For clothes, the standard black SS uniform is most definitely an option; aside that, period clothes with jackets accenting his slender waist in modest colors such as gray, dark blue and rich reddish brown.

Sylus Sunfell
A Star Wars char - an Imperial Stormtrooper. However, he's a special one for several reasons - he joined because he actually wanted to, and since he grew up on a miner planet covered by forests with plenty of edible wildlife, he can actually AIM.

Silus is tall and slender with light skin, amber eyes and silver-black hair. Ref: HERE The shirt is not transparent tho.

Sir William Roger Cavendish
Reference is HERE. Read the descript. He's the master of Giselle (see above). Feel free to put here into similarly period but more fantasy-inspired clothes. (think alchemists, scholars, non-robe-wearing wizards from Japanese/inspired games) SOME POINTERS

Soumis x
Lover to the famous female general Herona, Soumis is her magical aid in battle, though never personally - Herona never lets her to join the fights. Instead, Soumis supplies her and her army with artifacts and summoned creatures/spirits. Soumis is tall and slender; her long hair is a bright orange color, and her skin is a lovely tan. REF She has red eyes. She dresses in skirts and blouses, dresses and huge scarves, with a gipsy/woodoo priestess flavor to the outfits. She prefers to go barefoot. She likes jewelry, huge earrings, long bead necklaces and lots of bangles. Her clothes are often layered and littered with feathers, vials, talismans, charms, small skulls even, like a shaman. She also has a companion spirit, Shuni, who looks like a squirrel with long ears and an extremely long, silky tail. He switches colors to match his mistress' outfit. (And by all means, he doesn't have to be included.) Pointers for Soumis' style

Tamerlaine x
REFERENCE. A lovely chimera, a mix between a human, a cat and a bird. And since he can change gender, he can be portrayed as a male or a female, too. S/he doesn't wear much clothes, just to cover, and which don't bother his wings. They're feathered, and iridescent – the darkest shadow is deep blue, and the brightest highlight is green. He has an ornate golden long staff as a weapon, as tall as he is, and is adorned with rubies. And, he has an ordinary housecat tail, too, grey with a white tip. Since his body is covered with gray and white fur.

Touch Stone x
She's a young thief girl. Her hair is the exact same as Duo Maxwell's, even in color. Her eyes are silver. Her outfit looks like THIS. It's a faded blue in color. The pants underneath it are black as well as her fingerless gloves. She has a golden ring with a brown stone and green glass earrings. She's wearing dirty green short boots ('dirty green' is supposed to refer to the COLOR. Thank you.). Optional props: cats, as her magical cat's eye ring grants her the friendship of any feline (even catfolk XD)

A half-fire demon aged fourteen. Due to an accident, in which he unintentionally managed to burn up and entire quarter of a town, he swore to not use his powers and eventually found shelter at a Shinto shrine where the priests took care of him.

He looks a bit unusual with his short flame-red hair and green eyes. His attire consists of a red gi top and a black hakama - they can range from tattered to noble-looking with golden embroidery. You can age him up a bit, too; he's going to grow up into a handsome, sinewy fellow. For refs, best I have of him are dollmaker pics: Here

Val Shif

Victor Thorton (Lord Aquillius)
A Fae count for Changeling; a Shide. He's tall and slender, has green eyes and wavy light blond hair, which reaches his shoulders. In mundane form, he catches his hair in a ponytail and wears a gray suit with dark slacks with some light button-up shirt, matching tie – sorta nondescript stuff. In his fae-form, though, he dons all sorta rich fantasy clothes and at times even some fancy armor – or pieces of it – along with long pointy ears and jewelry. Several examples Actually, THIS ONE gives a pretty good idea about his hair, too.

Yasei Shiroi x
Actually a priest, though quite a unique one. Shiroi has long, straight metallic green hair (start with a sort of saturated green and make it shiny), usually caught in a high ponytail. He has crimson eyes and light skin. His usual attire consists of dark purple tight pants, knee-height black dress boots, a white poet shirt and a long burgundy vest, which is tight at the waist and reaches the middle of his thighs. Overall, he tends to wear more closed, warmer clothes, because he's from Icecold Valley. As he's an angel, he has pointy (elf) ears, and when he needs them, his wings show up, too. Feel free to add of neglect them. A millennia-old ref done by a friend